AoMI 31- Sam Ellis and Hoyt Silva

Hey!  Do you guys like the FX show Archer?  Yeah, we do too.  How about the webcomic for the podcast Drink Champs?  If you haven’t seen it, you should definitely check it out.  In this episode, we got the opportunity to chat with creators involved in both of those projects.  We also talked about their latest project, the Just Comics Group project.  This is a great cause and project that you should definitely check out.

Sam Ellis

Sam Ellis - Just Comics
Sam Ellis – Just Comics

Sam Ellis is well known for his work as the lead illustrator for Archer.  He is also known for his work on the Adult Swim show Frisky Dingo, Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time among others.  Currently, Sam Ellis is working on Komander Kaiju – Master of Monsters for the Just Comics Group.

Hoyt Silva

Hoyt Silva - Just Comics
Hoyt Silva – Just Comics

Hoyt Silva has the awesome gig of working with rapper N.O.R.E., formerly known as Noreaga, and DJ EFN for their podcast – Drink Champs.  Regularly, he takes each episode of their podcast and turns it into an awesome webcomic.  His current work that’s a part of the Just Comics Group is Last Stop.


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