Check Out Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger Trailer

Here’s the trailer for Freeform’s (formerly ABC Family) new Marvel show:

Some assorted musings on the trailer:

  1.  It clearly seems to be marketed towards a teen demographic.  I think these heroes play very well to that target group.
  2. I’m getting a very star-crossed lovers kind of feeling here.
  3. It doesn’t look like they are including the drugs from the original comic.  I doubt that would play very well on a network like the former ABC Family.
  4. I’m anxious to see the way they portray Cloak, the character and his powers.
  5. I’m surprised we’re already getting a trailer for a 2018 TV show.

Well, I for one will stay cautiously optimistic….like I usually do for this kind of thing.  Only time will tell.

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