The Final Justice League Trailer?

Over the past few days, the last Justice League was released . . . or was it?  Warner Bros. also released a trailer yesterday with the name Justice League – Friends.  The previous one was called Justice League Official Heroes Trailer.  In this trailer, unlike the past trailers, we got to see a glimpse of Clark Kent. Albeit, the Supes sighting occurs in a flashback, but it was still nice to see that Superman might make an appearance in this film.  What else is new?  We get to see Aquaman fully embrace his pirate/surfer persona.  Especially when we hear him utter the words, “My man!” to Cyborg.  We also get to see more of Flash being fast.  There also appears to be a noticeable tonal change in the trailer as well.  The trailer makes the movie look fun.  In fact, many of the characters are actually smiling.  Check out both of the trailers below and let us know what you think . . .



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