Thing Ring, do your Thing!

Things in the seventies were a little different. You may say that it was a simpler time. In this instance, by things, I mean the actual “Thing”. Apparently, it was such a simple time that the powers that be felt that having four members in the Fantastic Four was way too complicated. They decided to promote just the Thing. The format this was presented in was the Thing cartoon series that you can see below.

Now you may think you know the origin of the Thing. This take on Ben Grimm is a little different. The traditional Fantastic Four origin story states that each member of the team was bombarded with Cosmic Rays. These rays gave each member a different ability. Well forget all about that, being well-versed in Fantastic Four lore won’t really help you out with this show.

Let me try to break it down, the Thing is the title character of this show, but it is more like he plays a side character. The main character is a teenager named Benjy Grimm. Basically, there is a ring that turns Benjy into the Thing when he recites a mystical incantation. The cryptic magical spell is . . . “Thing Ring, do your Thing!” No real explanation behind this. It basically turns the teenager into a rock monster with a Brooklyn accent.

You can check out the whole series online at the link below!

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