New Spider-Man Posters Bring New Questions . . .

Sony has dropped some new posters for Spider-man: Homecoming.  These posters are awesome.  It is good to see Spidey hanging out around a landscape that includes Avengers Tower, and it feels long overdue.  Nevertheless, we are glad to see them together.

These posters do make us ask more questions though.  Which is probably a great thing because it keeps us wanting to find out the answers to those questions.

Is the newest Avenger getting ready to enter Avengers Tower?

Will other Avengers besides Iron Man show up in this movie?

It already appears that Iron Man will play a role in this film.  What we don’t know is how big of a role?  Displaying Avengers Tower in the movie poster makes us wonder if there will be more Avengers showing up on screen along with Mr. Tony Stark.  Even if these are just cameos, it would be cool to see them on screen with Spidey.  It would further enrich the universe that has been presented to us.  We can probably automatically exclude some Avengers because of the events that happened in Civil War.

Will Spidey officially become enlisted as an Avenger?

We know, from the comic books, that Spidey has been an Avenger several times before.  This would seem to make perfect sense because several of the Avengers are either missing in action.  Some left to join up with Captain America during the events of Civil War, and that others are off doing other things like getting ready for Ragnarok.  The Avengers’ ranks need to be filled with more . . . well Avengers.

What is Spidey listening to?

Is he listening to Nickelback?

In the 2002 movie, simply titled Spider-Man, we learned how to become a hero from the song creatively named as “Hero”.  This song was given to us by Chad Kroeger from Nickelback and Josey Scott from Saliva.  For your listening enjoyment and historical purposes, we’ve included the video to the song below . . . well mostly for historical purposes to prove this song exists:

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