Here’s the Second Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer..and It’s Spoilerific

Warning:  There’s a lot of plot points revealed here so if you want to be totally untainted best to turn back now.

Here we go:

So look at that.  Not quite as spoilery as the BVS trailer, but still there’s quite a bit of plot dropped on our lap.  And Iron Man….so much Iron Man.

Some quick observations and musings:

  1.  Was that a Spider-Tracker?  I’m pretty sure it was.
  2. The Vacuum seal costume is actually pretty cool.
  3. I really like the guy playing Ned Leeds. but I’m a little surprised its Ned Leeds.  But, whatever no big deal.
  4. Michael Keaton looks great as The Vulture.
  5. The daytime scenes are so bright and vibrant….take note DC.
  6. Tony Stark believes in tough love.
  7. I now kinda wish Spider-Man could summon an army of spiders.

I really hope that Marvel didn’t reveal too much here, but its not like Marvel plots are too difficult to figure out beforehand anyway.  And besides, Marvel has earned our faith by coming through time and time again.


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