The Final Wonder Woman Trailer Does All the Right Things

Warner Brothers dropped the final trailer for Wonder Woman and it is awesome while still giving next to nothing away.  Check it out below:

A couple of quick musings:

  1.  This looks like DC’s cross between The First Avenger and Thor and I am OK with that.
  2. The action looks so good in this that I am actually getting hyped for a DC movie.
  3. How can one man be so damn charming in everything he does?  Curse you Chris Pine for being awesome.
  4. I’m surprised they used the Doctor Poison name, but I’m glad they did.
  5. Still no mention of Ares?
  6. Overall, this has the exact level of epicness I was hoping for in a Wonder Woman movie.  I really hope they deliver because this character is iconic and deserves a proper solo movie debut.

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