“Level Up” to Season 2 of Stranger Things 

By now, it is clear that Stranger Things is a success and many be people are excited that Season 2 will soon be out.  October 31, 2017 to be precise.  With the next batch of episodes around the corner, that leaves us with one question on our minds.  What is the best way to prepare for Season 2?

There is the obvious approach of returning to the first season and binge watch it until the next one is released, but the people at Netflix have come up with a clever way to spend your time patiently waiting.  They’ve even managed to accomplish this by hitting on some themes, like they did with the entire first season, that strike all of the nostalgia nerves.

How about “leveling up” to Season 2 with a video game theme?  It’s definitely a fun way to rehash that first season.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think . . .

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