First Look at Venom

We aren’t sure if this is actually a movie anyone asked for, but it appears we are definitely getting it. We love the character Venom, but it is still a little up in the air as to whether he is a character that can be the main focal point of an entire movie. Also, we still really don’t get to see Venom in action. They might be trying to spur on some excitement by waiting for a big reveal.

There are some positives with this movie though. The character of Venom would probably be difficult for any actor to pull off successfully. If anyone can pull it off, Tom Hardy is probably the actor that you can count on to give it his all. Plus, it looks like Tom Holland will actually be making an appearance in the film as Spider-man. He doesn’t appear in the trailer, but his name does appear to be attached to the film.

I’m not sure we can say that we are absolutely excited about this movie, but we are definitely interested in it. We are also curious as to what, if anything, this movie will mean for the rest of the Marvel Universe.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think…

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