Monster Movie Melee 2018

This year we thought it would be fun to create a bracket listing our favorite movie monsters.  What defines a monster?  Well, it could be a supernatural creature, evil spirit, possessed doll, or simply a deranged human.  Basically, it’s anyone or anything that would be considered the villain in a horror film.

How is this thing going to work?  Each day leading up to Halloween, we’ll be posting a new pairing of two of our favorite villains.  How is the winner decided?  We will tally up everyone’s votes on our Facebook page.  The one with the most votes will be the winner, and they’ll move on to next week’s round.  This page will continually be updated until a final winner has been crowned as the most massively mutilating monster.  So make sure to come back and check out the results!  Also, don’t forget to Like us on Facebook to participate in all of the fun!

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